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thelisibell Thelisibell Love matilda 30 July 2014
My love i love you with my heart i love you with ... Love kalpana 17 July 2014
Isabelle Hello My name is Isabelle and i'm 12years Old. I ... Happy, Music, Friendship, Summer Isabelle13 13 July 2014
Love Be who you are, not who everybody Else wont you ... Love Annemelum 8 July 2014
Emotion Poem Relax If relax were a color, It would be teal. ... Comfort, Memories, Summer jrshonky 22 June 2014
Hopeless Love Sometimes I look into his eyes, bright and blue And ... Love darkpoet101 9 June 2014
World Cup the world cup has been alive for many years new ... Summer anthony10 3 June 2014
My friend's eighth grade surprise We have known each other for some time, My friend, ... Admiration yana 24 May 2014
hoi Hoihhjkjvkhedhhhhhhhhhhhjhjh Love nina2 20 May 2014
him As my eyes stare deeply into his soul wishing i ... Love douglas 15 May 2014

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