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Dis poem doe! Roses are red Violets are blue God made me pretty💕✨ ... Jealous Pheebs.cc 26 Aug. 2014
Catch me When you've hit rock bottom you're completely totally empty inside ... Pain pipeyOloo 13 Aug. 2014
You your smile, your eyes, they're so close it pains I ... Sorrow pipeyOloo 13 Aug. 2014
Better Me Keep this in heart body and mind if I run ... Change pipeyOloo 13 Aug. 2014
Numb You didn't break my heart. You tore it out and ... Loss pipeyOloo 13 Aug. 2014
teaching I love teaching because I love seeing the aha moments. ... New year valerie3 13 Aug. 2014
The poem that teachs you a lesson You know who you are and must stay who you ... Hope, Life Mysteryguy8 7 Aug. 2014
Minecraft MSM I love to play minecraft. A game that we all ... Happy Mysteryguy8 7 Aug. 2014
My love i love you with my heart i love you with ... Love kalpana 17 July 2014
Love Be who you are, not who everybody Else wont you ... Love Annemelum 8 July 2014

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