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Contemplating Matter Contemplating Matter myriad of Light the mind is like Picasso … Life silver_tongue 24 Aug. 2011
Race AN ENCOUNTER WITH RACE Today I encountered RACE. The word … Life twumadu 1 Nov. 2011
What Life Don't Have To Be I was trapped,by the invisible walls of my fate; Tricked … Life Travis17 26 Feb. 2012
Lies some people so lie you don't know when to believe … Life karleen 15 Oct. 2012
Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what … Life marinka1@btinternet.com 19 June 2013
Brathiki choodu. 'Brathiki baavukunedhi ledhani chaavaboku, chachi saadhinchedhi ledhani brathakaboku, brathiki jeevithaanni … Death, Birth, Life badrinath 24 Jan. 2014
The poem that teachs you a lesson You know who you are and must stay who you … Hope, Life Mysteryguy8 7 Aug. 2014
My life ... When you want to move ,but you feet just seem … Life Mal_malsweg 17 Oct. 2014
Hibiscus Hibiscus is the flower Red is the colour It is … Autumn, Spring, Life, Music, Summer Jacelyne 2 Dec. 2014
Sleepy Sleepy Smells like the morning air and the classroom Tastes … Humor, Homesick, Life, Children, Angry, Comfort, Spiritual, Pain Jacelyne 2 Dec. 2014

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