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Muse Muse During those times when I feel so down Your ... Love bittersweet 7 Feb. 2014
Uncomfortably Numb I see with my eyes wide open Yet I don’t ... Pain bittersweet 28 Sept. 2009
Alone When the wondrous rounds of applause fades When thinning crowds ... Life bittersweet 27 May 2009
Go on, make a living! Go on to make a living You’ve got bills to ... Irony bittersweet 30 April 2009
It’s just that I am more human I can sense the distaste in your stare The way ... Together bittersweet 20 Nov. 2008
It goes beyond words! It goes beyond words This thing I feel I just ... Love bittersweet 21 Oct. 2008
A Walk along the Lakeside Walking along the lakeside Sweet mist in the air Clouding ... Nature bittersweet 21 Oct. 2008
The old Bungalow An octagonal Verandah Wide steps below Polished red oxide floor ... Loss bittersweet 21 May 2008
The Silent Sounds of Feelings Muffled sobs Gasping to be let out Strangling you Leaving ... Life bittersweet 3 May 2008
Pangs of loss Biting into the innards Eating me alive The bitter truth ... Life bittersweet 28 March 2008

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