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Alone, not lonely Calm, serene, greenish water. Clear, cool and deep Ripples gentle ... Nature bittersweet 21 Oct. 2007
Stand firm Stand firm When the battle rages within between ethics and ... Life bittersweet 21 Oct. 2007
One Hard Nut I was blown away by the wind And landed on ... Hope bittersweet 16 Aug. 2007
Are we free? To speak without fear of judgment To write without pangs ... Irony bittersweet 16 Aug. 2007
A Paper World Watch humanity chasing paper all the while With inhumane fervor ... Life bittersweet 12 Aug. 2007
Be Be Boy, girl; Black, white, Strong, weak; Pretty, ugly; Unemployed, ... Life bittersweet 10 June 2007
Mid Summer's Daydream Streams of sweat Bringing sweet relief Sizzling city streets Scorching ... Irony, Disappointment bittersweet 25 May 2007
Search Searching for inspiration, Looking here and there; Not knowing where ... Spiritual bittersweet 2 May 2007
Let me live I want to watch the sun rise on Mt. Kanchenjunga ... Hope bittersweet 2 May 2007
Walk The wide blue highway Or a narrow winding road, It ... Life bittersweet 2 May 2007

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