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Alone, not lonely Calm, serene, greenish water. Clear, cool and deep Ripples gentle … Nature bittersweet 21 Oct. 2007
Stand firm Stand firm When the battle rages within between ethics and … Life bittersweet 21 Oct. 2007
One Hard Nut I was blown away by the wind And landed on … Hope bittersweet 16 Aug. 2007
Are we free? To speak without fear of judgment To write without pangs … Irony bittersweet 16 Aug. 2007
A Paper World Watch humanity chasing paper all the while With inhumane fervor … Life bittersweet 12 Aug. 2007
Be Be Boy, girl; Black, white, Strong, weak; Pretty, ugly; Unemployed, … Life bittersweet 10 June 2007
Mid Summer's Daydream Streams of sweat Bringing sweet relief Sizzling city streets Scorching … Irony, Disappointment bittersweet 25 May 2007
Search Searching for inspiration, Looking here and there; Not knowing where … Spiritual bittersweet 2 May 2007
Let me live I want to watch the sun rise on Mt. Kanchenjunga … Hope bittersweet 2 May 2007
Walk The wide blue highway Or a narrow winding road, It … Life bittersweet 2 May 2007

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