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A World without borders Isn’t it true that our imagination is boundless? And love, … Dreams bittersweet 27 Sept. 2023
Living the slow life Living the slow life Living slow. Living life, the old, … History bittersweet 27 Sept. 2023
Muse Muse During those times when I feel so down Your … Love bittersweet 7 Feb. 2014
Uncomfortably Numb I see with my eyes wide open Yet I don’t … Pain bittersweet 28 Sept. 2009
Alone When the wondrous rounds of applause fades When thinning crowds … Life bittersweet 27 May 2009
Go on, make a living! Go on to make a living You’ve got bills to … Irony bittersweet 30 April 2009
It’s just that I am more human I can sense the distaste in your stare The way … Together bittersweet 20 Nov. 2008
It goes beyond words! It goes beyond words This thing I feel I just … Love bittersweet 21 Oct. 2008
A Walk along the Lakeside Walking along the lakeside Sweet mist in the air Clouding … Nature bittersweet 21 Oct. 2008
The old Bungalow An octagonal Verandah Wide steps below Polished red oxide floor … Loss bittersweet 21 May 2008

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