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amor mio! como la primavera te he soñado como el otoño te ... Love daniela27 15 April 2019
Ella Mi amor es tan grande hacia ella es tan sublime ... Love emily93 15 April 2019
Rahithya swdergthyj Memories silvermoon9696 1 April 2019
Let The Moon Rise Let the moon rise And the sun fall Let the ... Nature Karebear2904 26 March 2019
mommy I love her so much, my mother. She's always in ... Family julia.scott@newegypt.us 4 March 2019
It Must Be Love I never thought I'd miss you Half as much as ... Love Alfiebilly0 27 Jan. 2019
Sometimes Sometimes I wonder how far I can throw up my ... Love sorrow LoliCattNCreepyEster 28 Nov. 2018
Goddess To Demon A quiet and lovely goddess saw once was But she ... Loneliness Karebear2904 27 Nov. 2018
Love matters Everyone, I never told you how I truly feel Being ... Love nediajsofie 19 Nov. 2018
El carro blanco perla por Juan Acuña Al ver el color blanco perlado en la sonrisa voy ... Happy JAPATS12 8 Nov. 2018

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