"Dream? Or Reality?"

Your body is on its knees,but your soul flys toward the stars. Breathe deeply of night air, and ignore the flames at your face. The pain is not real, your being decieved. Never believe the empty lies, dream away from them. You are your own. No one controls your thoughts, dreams, or longings. Your body is bound to the earth, but your soul and dreams can go anywhere they please. Don't fight the sleep that is coming. Rain drums on the empty streets, coming from the stars and stories. Gravity seems to disenegrate to the atmosphere. Body goes limp. Fall to dust.
Just lay there. This is just a dream. You can't be harmed by the ones in that realm. They are here to explain your life and what it means. NOW WAKE UP. The demons have come to eat away your dreams. Wake up, your being chased. You love is wasted on everyone, so just run from the dark coming out of dawn....

Author: AngelFall on Wednesday, 11 Feb. 2009
License: Copyright, all rights reserved
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