"I AM"

I AM Passionate about EVERYTHING.
Break my barrier if you dare- Can you handle
A Contradiction? An Enigma? An Unbeatable Force of me?
I AM scared. Break my barrier if you dare-Can you handle A Contradiction? An Enigma?

Tough on the outside.
Always there for you.

I AM Full of LOVE.
I AM Afraid of LOVE.
In love, out of love, searching for love.
I AM LOVE'S fiend; it is my concubine.
Paradoxical, I giggle.

Yes-Yes-YES! I AM a contradiction, not a flaw, not a weakness, some ambiguity-maybe.

This woman-MotherLoverWifeDaughterTeacherLearner a-n-d Confidante is unsure, overconfident, hidden, overexposed, underappreciated.

I AM invigorated with relentless determination. Can you hear me?
I AM unyielding!
I AM a paradox of emotion.
I AM inconsistency in consistent action.
I AM stable fluidity leading to volatility
Not a machine-like.

Requirements of time. Requirements of money,
Parts to be fixed, Parts to be replaced, Parts not yet found-lost forfeited, squandered--found once years ago-compassion-filled, joy-filled, LOVE, love-once filled now drained.

I WAS Love, Loved, Loving--now I AM.

I AM humorous-entertaining, expectations of humor, demands to amuse.
Throngs are let down Hordes revolt when I am -- who I am.

I AM Admired Contemptuous Creative Chaotic Confused Cunning, when required

I AM Thinking-Thoughtful-Thinking organized-at times- deeply Thoughtful still Thinking though, too much -not enough- do think -be more more MORE.

I AM to please but for whom? You Me? Him Her? All Every? Only one?
I AM Strong-strong willed Ever-changing --Always-learning.
I AM ferocious. Be scared, be aware, come close if you dare.
I AM Passionate-about EVERYTHING

Author: roughn5656 on Tuesday, 22 March 2016
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