"My friend's eighth grade surprise "

We have known each other for some time,
My friend, you Steph, you are all mine.
That was a joke, but I hope we are friends,
The bestest of friends until the end.
You and I are fans of books,
And obviously we don't read from Nooks.
I bring you this ticket to The Fault in our Stars,
We can fangirl and our tears will leave deep scars.
The feels will penetrate into our souls,
But I won't let you get hurt, never burnt by coal.
Steph, my friend, your middle school end is near,
And I hope our friendship is in the clear.
We have been known to be best friends,
And I hope, I know, our friendship will last till the end.

Author: yana (Yana Gurevich) on Saturday, 24 May 2014
License: Copyright, all rights reserved
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