"This friend of mine"

A cherished friend has been stuck in my mind
just because he has shown me how to be kind
He gets sad when the clouds outshine the sun
Don't worry, my friend let's try to make a pun

This joyful and loyal friend of mine
sometimes wants to drink some wine
then he will sing all my favorite songs
so as to keep me awake all night long

Let's say that he's rarely in a bad mood
thus, piña colada makes him feel good
it is evident that all these mood swings
will often go away if he proceeds to sing

Sometimes he is filled up with many doubts
Oh, my friend, there's nothing to worry about
just draw close to God and focus on praising
you'll see your doubts fading, this is amazing

Others look around for an upright friend too
someone who might share one dream or two
but mine is hilarious and will makes me laugh
whenever he glimpses that I have had enough

In all honesty, I'm confident my dear and earnest friend
that our unquestionable friendship won't get to an end
although the distance between us is 3.821 miles apart
this loyal friend of mine will always be close to my heart.

Author: taniacastron on Friday, 9 April 2021
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
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