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Dream? Or Reality? Your body is on its knees,but your soul flys toward … Dreams AngelFall 11 Feb. 2009
Mercy Fall from grace From our light Why can't we win … Spiritual AngelFall 11 Feb. 2009
Rule the Streets (A Song) The sun falls in the sky Shadows get longer in … Fear AngelFall 5 Feb. 2009
Fall Fall Fall Fall to your knees You struck me Then … Dreams AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009
Reflection Watch the shadows rise out of dawn Into midnight It … Dreams AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009
Look Away Have you lost your way? Lost your light? Please don't … Christian AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009
Government(BUSH) We've done harm to all our lands Got lost in … Lies AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009
Clash Night runs into dawn Stars' reflections collapse On a motionless … Life AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009