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Dream? Or Reality? Your body is on its knees,but your soul flys toward ... Dreams AngelFall 11 Feb. 2009
Mercy Fall from grace From our light Why can't we win ... Spiritual AngelFall 11 Feb. 2009
Rule the Streets (A Song) The sun falls in the sky Shadows get longer in ... Fear AngelFall 5 Feb. 2009
Fall Fall Fall Fall to your knees You struck me Then ... Dreams AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009
Reflection Watch the shadows rise out of dawn Into midnight It ... Dreams AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009
Look Away Have you lost your way? Lost your light? Please don't ... Christian AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009
Government(BUSH) We've done harm to all our lands Got lost in ... Lies AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009
Clash Night runs into dawn Stars' reflections collapse On a motionless ... Life AngelFall 3 Feb. 2009