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Logo: Level 2 Logo: Level 2 Life doradoradoradu 15 Jan. 2017
Köszöntő Már megjöttünk ez helyre, anyák köszöntésére, anyám, légy reménységben, köszöntelek ... Mother kriszta 25 April 2016
A man's best friend MAN'S BEST FRIEND Running is happiness It makes me feel ... Sports Ritchey32 24 April 2016
Not That Easy I am hiding in My own personal prison Of society. ... Sorrow desiree3 22 April 2016
The Big Man With The Affluent Cigar I hear the exciting conversation of the city But I ... Uncertain evan4 24 March 2016
I AM I AM Passionate about EVERYTHING. Break my barrier if you ... Life roughn5656 22 March 2016
Dreams Dreams keep our hopes locked away in the night Consecrating ... Dreams bdavi1 10 March 2016
Love and support My family is weak, my friends are ill. There is ... Love 25sjacobs 6 March 2016
roses Roses are red violets are blue God is Love and ... Religion laurie4 1 March 2016
Selfie poem all about me.... all about me. i am short i ... Love alicia5 29 Feb. 2016

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