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Ella Mi amor es tan grande hacia ella es tan sublime … Love emily93 15 April 2019
Rahithya swdergthyj Memories silvermoon9696 1 April 2019
Let The Moon Rise Let the moon rise And the sun fall Let the … Nature Karebear2904 26 March 2019
mommy I love her so much, my mother. She's always in … Family julia.scott@newegypt.us 4 March 2019
It Must Be Love I never thought I'd miss you Half as much as … Love Alfiebilly0 27 Jan. 2019
Sometimes Sometimes I wonder how far I can throw up my … Love sorrow LoliCattNCreepyEster 28 Nov. 2018
Goddess To Demon A quiet and lovely goddess saw once was But she … Loneliness Karebear2904 27 Nov. 2018
Love matters Everyone, I never told you how I truly feel Being … Love nediajsofie 19 Nov. 2018
El carro blanco perla por Juan Acuña Al ver el color blanco perlado en la sonrisa voy … Happy JAPATS12 8 Nov. 2018
Justin anafora Que no te eh dicho que estoy cansado de ver … Change justin_marte@outlook.com 8 Nov. 2018

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