"A man's best friend"


Running is happiness
It makes me feel like a bird
Flying with the wind beneath my wings
Because without running my vision would be blurred

Running is peace
It takes my mind away
From all of the world’s
Burning and suffering and decay

Running is comfort
It makes me feel at home
For I know what’s ahead
Before I even go

Running is loyal
It’s always there when I need it
Free from fierce and furious faces
Being the shoulder go to I cry on to succeed it

Running is victory
It satisfies my body with pain
For it hurts so good
Because if there is no pain there is no gain

Running is love
It helps me concentrate
For short periods of time
Because without running my life would dilapidate

Author: Ritchey32 on Sunday, 24 April 2016
License: Copyright, all rights reserved
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