"About You"

You are Ferry whom i knowing
just different from all,inoscent,charming
and beautiful it's only about u...

A person who i am knowing who has passion
to stay for a while, but not commitment to give,
it's only about u ....

He, who has a heart beat for someone, but
fear to express it, only god father in the
way who can meet our real love....

You have the floweres of fragnance and beauty
of shine, always pleases to be a winner in beauty
of shine,u have the beauty only real love can
share it but don't ignore it,

Yours life is full of joy and pleasure,swiftly
carry out in the frame of love

It's Only About u my love

By: Beliver

Author: forever_fouru on Wednesday, 23 Sept. 2009
License: Copyright, all rights reserved
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