"For Jean"

For Jean

Listen! Do you hear that sound?
The tinkling of tiny bells, wafting on the breeze,
Across vast fields of columbines! Hear that sound!
Floating over miles and miles of lavender and white!

There it is again… but wait!
Now comes another sound…
Could it be? Yes! The roar of a Harley!
Kicking up gravel and dust as it flies by!

What’s that? Oh, yes!
It’s our Jean…laughing, loving life,
Taking it in huge bites, savoring it
As if it were a huge chocolate chip cookie!

And there she is, telling her tales of trips far and wide!
Oh, to have been with her on that Orient Express!
And the books she’s read, the good times she’s had,
Going to the movies with Paul,
letting him coax her along to the grocery store!

Walking along with Mom,

So listen! Can you hear that sound?
It’s our Jean…laughing, loving life,
And watching over us all,
With that trademark twinkle in her eyes!

Always in our hearts, always nearby,
Watching over us all, telling us…
Don’t be sad, and don’t cry.
She’s Heaven’s Angel now…

Our Jean.

Author: audball515 on Thursday, 10 Jan. 2013
License: Copyright, all rights reserved
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