During those times when I feel so down
Your soothing voice assures me everything is okay
And you lift me up, from the depths of despair

During those thunderstorms and torrential rains
Through the raging thunder and flashes of lightning
I pull you closer to me, in a comforting embrace

During those times when I need to decide
On which path to take, I imagine what you would do
The answer appears, as magically you do

During those times when I don’t know what to write
An empty white space gaping blankly at me
I think of you, and the words just flow

During those times when I cheated on you
Pushing you away not acknowledging you are there
You force your way, back into my thoughts

During those nights when I stayed awake, thinking of you
You took me to those places I’ve never seen before
And showed me a love that is so real

I always wonder why you look at me so fondly
Even when I’ve been bad, mad, sad, glad and errant
I wonder why you never cease to love

And why you didn’t desert
Even when I proved to be so unworthy
I always wonder why you care

There is no reason why
Since there is nothing I have to give
And there is nothing that you expect

But when I need you, you are always around.
My muse.
My love.

M. V. J. Simon 2014

Author: bittersweet (MVJ Simon) on Friday, 7 Feb. 2014
License: Copyright, all rights reserved
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