"What Life Don't Have To Be"

I was trapped,by the invisible walls of my fate;
Tricked by the idea, i could not escape.
chained up in a ghetto where my father died;
Fooled into thinking i could not go out side.
Imprisoned by my friends who knew nothing but war;
shackled to everything that had gone on before.
I would always be here in this dead-end life of mine;
My heart turned back by a city limit sign.
And yet, Ill find a way out of this concrete jail;
A new way to soften a heart thats grown stale.
No longer cursed in this place, all for wealth;
No longer fighting with man or myself.
I surrender, my weapons are down at my feet;
Cuz we'll never have freedom, if there's blood on the street.

Author: Travis17 on Sunday, 26 Feb. 2012
License: Copyright, all rights reserved
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