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POWER TO CHANGE [To my mother] Give me the power to dare to … Change bjaypee 21 Oct. 2007
Excuse Us Please! Excuse Us Please! Extended is an apology from a little … Change kundalini48 7 Feb. 2009
Better Me Keep this in heart body and mind if I run … Change pipeyOloo 13 Aug. 2014
Change when you need to If there is something your friend doesn't like about you, … Change OfficialSarahlb 14 May 2015
My 6th grade year My favorite book is Ender's Game. My favorite author is … Change scott 20 May 2015
Justin anafora Que no te eh dicho que estoy cansado de ver … Change justin_marte@outlook.com 8 Nov. 2018
TIME Time is very precious (3) Twenty four hours in a … Change akila 16 May 2020
Manifestación El simbolizo usa símbolos para pasar información, imágenes, sensaciones y … Change cecilia_castillo03 2 Sept. 2020
West Fall Out of breath, Out of time. Barking dogs, Muzzles on. … Change christian9 23 March 2022