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POWER TO CHANGE [To my mother] Give me the power to dare to ... Change bjaypee 21 Oct. 2007
Excuse Us Please! Excuse Us Please! Extended is an apology from a little ... Change kundalini48 7 Feb. 2009
Better Me Keep this in heart body and mind if I run ... Change pipeyOloo 13 Aug. 2014
Change when you need to If there is something your friend doesn't like about you, ... Change OfficialSarahlb 14 May 2015
My 6th grade year My favorite book is Ender's Game. My favorite author is ... Change scott 20 May 2015
Justin anafora Que no te eh dicho que estoy cansado de ver ... Change justin_marte@outlook.com 8 Nov. 2018
TIME Time is very precious (3) Twenty four hours in a ... Change akila 16 May 2020
Manifestación El simbolizo usa símbolos para pasar información, imágenes, sensaciones y ... Change cecilia_castillo03 2 Sept. 2020