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The Angel I dreamt a dream! What can it mean? And that ... Sorrow, Dreams dotsphinx 17 March 2007
WORDLESS (A tale of Myanmar) She moved rapidly over the ground Alongside the Salween trench ... Hope, Angry, Sorrow, Fear, Death, Pain thepoetryman 9 Oct. 2007
TU VAS NOUS MANQUER an ode to Marcel Marceau As in silent motion white faced petals polish our living ... Sorrow, Loss, Memories thepoetryman 9 Oct. 2007
CHICKBOOM hGRKS,JFF Sorrow siva 18 Jan. 2014
mario and luigi the starmen :) mario and luigi went hopping through the forest picking up ... Sorrow mario90 25 July 2009
Monster After everything you do, ive never acted in love to ... Sorrow SceneKid 21 Oct. 2009
A Friend to make It Better I hide from the world behind a smile I cry ... Sorrow SceneKid 21 Oct. 2009
the last time Where can you go when there's no road Who can ... Sorrow shayshay14 1 April 2011
l.l mjmjmjm Sorrow raflyveraldy 6 Aug. 2012
For Jean For Jean Listen! Do you hear that sound? The tinkling ... Sorrow audball515 10 Jan. 2013

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