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The Angel I dreamt a dream! What can it mean? And that … Sorrow, Dreams dotsphinx 17 March 2007
WORDLESS (A tale of Myanmar) She moved rapidly over the ground Alongside the Salween trench … Sorrow, Fear, Death, Hope, Angry, Pain thepoetryman 9 Oct. 2007
TU VAS NOUS MANQUER an ode to Marcel Marceau As in silent motion white faced petals polish our living … Sorrow, Loss, Memories thepoetryman 9 Oct. 2007
CHICKBOOM hGRKS,JFF Sorrow siva 18 Jan. 2014
mario and luigi the starmen :) mario and luigi went hopping through the forest picking up … Sorrow mario90 25 July 2009
Monster After everything you do, ive never acted in love to … Sorrow SceneKid 21 Oct. 2009
A Friend to make It Better I hide from the world behind a smile I cry … Sorrow SceneKid 21 Oct. 2009
the last time Where can you go when there's no road Who can … Sorrow shayshay14 1 April 2011
l.l mjmjmjm Sorrow raflyveraldy 6 Aug. 2012
For Jean For Jean Listen! Do you hear that sound? The tinkling … Sorrow audball515 10 Jan. 2013

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