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WORDLESS (A tale of Myanmar) She moved rapidly over the ground Alongside the Salween trench ... Hope, Angry, Sorrow, Fear, Death, Pain thepoetryman 9 Oct. 2007
Uncomfortably Numb I see with my eyes wide open Yet I don’t ... Pain bittersweet 28 Sept. 2009
Catch me When you've hit rock bottom you're completely totally empty inside ... Pain pipeyOloo 13 Aug. 2014
Sleepy Sleepy Smells like the morning air and the classroom Tastes ... Humor, Homesick, Life, Children, Angry, Comfort, Spiritual, Pain Jacelyne 2 Dec. 2014
What if not? We sat there Brains thinking Hearts beating Listening, to the ... Jealous, Hope, Spiritual, Life, Disappointment, Memories, Sorrow, Lies, Death, Loss, Pain Mbayla 11 Oct. 2015