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sing sing a song sing a song sing a song sing ... Humor sheilaml 30 Aug. 2012
Coffee Oh the luxurious black silky and warm caffinated drink that ... Love, Humor, Irony, Jealous, Job leann.combsvaughn 16 April 2013
what is girl place eyes ki fix ayte friend heart ki touch aythe girlfriend ... Humor kanna.kunche+ 29 Jan. 2014
Sleepy Sleepy Smells like the morning air and the classroom Tastes ... Humor, Homesick, Life, Children, Angry, Comfort, Spiritual, Pain Jacelyne 2 Dec. 2014
"Like Literally" They were struck, beaten, and slaughtered, Like, and literally both, ... Humor iamnickhall 14 Oct. 2015
Mice on Ice I think the mice skate divinely on ice. Humor john4 2 Nov. 2015
Food Pizza, Pasta, Gelato The tastings of any foe, Creating it ... Humor DinoTroll 6 March 2018
The Sun I spent twenty million years in this place, Mars is ... Humor, Life, Nature DinoTroll 25 April 2018
La Rosa La rosa No buscaba la aurora: Casi eterna en su ... Humor Ikramy 1 June 2018