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sing sing a song sing a song sing a song sing … Humor sheilaml 30 Aug. 2012
Coffee Oh the luxurious black silky and warm caffinated drink that … Love, Humor, Irony, Jealous, Job leann.combsvaughn 16 April 2013
what is girl place eyes ki fix ayte friend heart ki touch aythe girlfriend … Humor kanna.kunche+ 29 Jan. 2014
Sleepy Sleepy Smells like the morning air and the classroom Tastes … Humor, Homesick, Life, Children, Angry, Comfort, Spiritual, Pain Jacelyne 2 Dec. 2014
"Like Literally" They were struck, beaten, and slaughtered, Like, and literally both, … Humor iamnickhall 14 Oct. 2015
Mice on Ice I think the mice skate divinely on ice. Humor john4 2 Nov. 2015
Food Pizza, Pasta, Gelato The tastings of any foe, Creating it … Humor DinoTroll 6 March 2018
The Sun I spent twenty million years in this place, Mars is … Humor, Life, Nature DinoTroll 25 April 2018
La Rosa La rosa No buscaba la aurora: Casi eterna en su … Humor Ikramy 1 June 2018